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Vol 30, No 3, March, 2021


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Volume 30                                                               No 3                                                              March 2021


A Special Issue Dedicated
Prof V B Kartha, FNA

Guest Edited By : V V Tuchin and Santosh Chidangil

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Asian Journal of Physics

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Volume 30, Nos 3(2021)


Guest Editorial

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About Prof V B Kartha

Raman spectroscopy in the bio-medical field: Practical guidelines from calibration to data processing for

an unbiased interpretation of biospectroscopic information

V Untereiner, O Piot, F Alsamad, N Mainreck, C Gobinet, G D Sockalingum

Recent progress in tissue enhanced spectroscopy for cancer detection

Valery V Tuchin and Luís M Oliveira

Investigation of metabolism in cancer specimens using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy

Shagufta Rehman Alam, Horst Wallrabe and Ammasi Periasamy

Multi-modal Tissue Sensing in the Detection of Malignant Tumors-A Mini Review

B S Suresh Anand, Jonath Sujan, and Narayanan Subhash                                                                                     

Fiberoptic Raman Theranostics in Cancer Management: Challenges and Perspectives

C Murali Krishna                                                                                                                                                               

Recent Advances in Multimodal Optical Coherence Tomography for Tissue Imaging

B Karthik Goud and K Divakar Rao

Adenocarcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma probed by laser induced fluorescence

Sanoop Pavithran M, Ajaya Kumar Barik, Arun Chawla, Muralidhar V Pai, Rekha Upadhya, Jijo Lukose, Santhosh Chidangil

LIBS: Potential and possibilities for advanced biophotonics applications

Unnikrishnan V K


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