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Title_Vol 30_Nos 8&9,2021


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Vol 30, Nos 8&9, August-September, 2021


Journal of Physics


Volume 30                                                                     Nos 8 & 9                                                  August-September 2021


A Special Issue dedicated
Prof CJR Sheppard

Guest Edited By : Kehar Singh and John Sheridan

Anita Publications
FF-43, 1st Floor, Mangal Bazar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110 092, India



(Vol 30 Nos 8 & 9, 2021)


Articles in Press


Propagation of optical coherence and polarization through linear optical systems

A Yelashetty, N Gupta , D Dhirhe  and G Unnikrishnan


Paraxial sharp-edge boundary diffraction wave theory: A review

Riccardo Borghi


Optimizing sampling and padding at the pupil plane for light propagation simulations based in Fourier Transforms for wavefront coding

E Acosta, E González Amador and J Arines


Characterization of cellulose using nonlinear optical microscopy techniques

Nirmal Mazumder,Ishita Chakraborty, Sintu Rongpipi, Indira G, Esther W Gomez and Enrique D Gomez


Stable and unstable structured vortex beams, their energy flows and accompanying vortex spectra

A Volyar, E Abramochkin, E Razueva, Ya Akimova, M Bretsko, and Yu Egorov


Tunable focalizers as nonconventional phase filters.

Cristina M Gómez-Sarabia, Ángel Sauceda-Carvajal and Jorge Ojeda-Castañeda


Controlling the topological charge of superposition of Bessel-Gaussian beams

V V Kotlyar, A А Kovalev and A G Nalimov


Neutron waveguides: a proposal for slow neutrons confinement and applications in neutron optics

Ignacio Molina de la Peña, Maria L Calvo  and  Ramón F Alvarez-Estrada


Design considerations for multimodal optical vortex beams

J Jahns  and  S Supp


On three-dimensional polarization states of light

José J Gil, Andreas Norrman, Tero Setälä and Ari T Friberg


Analysis of lucky imaging aided aperture synthesis 

Jennifer E Ward, William T Rhodes and John T Sheridan


Towards development of novel optical techniques for the mapping of polarization signal of solar corona

Athira B S, Sounak Mukherjee, Dibyendu Nandy and Nirmalya Ghosh


Asymptotic behaviour of the Strehl ratio in the presence of Zernike polynomial aberrations

Martin J Booth  and  Qi Hu


Wave and ray aberration polynomials in wavefront analysis

Virendra N Mahajan


Applications of multi-wavelength quantitative phase microscopy

Manoj Kumar, Osamu Matoba, Xiangyu Quan, Yasuhiro Awatsuji and Yosuke Tamada


Polarization resolved nonlinear optical microscopy – A review

Naveen Kumar Balla, Spandana K U, and Nirmal Mazumder


An eagle eye view: Three-dimensional (3D) imaging based optical encryption

Inbarasan Muniraj, Sunil Chinnadurai, and John T Sheridan


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